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​​Last weekend my wife, Lori, had a two day guide trip on Dry Run Creek. On the second day, I was between clients and had the day off. I decided to clean up my garage/man cave. On the way to Dry Run Creek, Lori noticed a low tire warning, on her dashboard. She called me and appraised me, of the situation. I told her that I would come over to Dry Run Creek and check out her tire and then follow her home to ensure that she made it in all right. I arrived and checked her tires. They appeared to be OK. I decided to walk the creek and see how she was doing. 

I found her and her clients upstream at one of our favorite spots. Her young client was catching trout after trout and Dad was having a great time watching all of the action. I joined them and sat there talking to Dad and enjoying watching Lori work. After a while, I went back to my car, to get my cup of coffee. When I got to the parking lot, I ran into a lady and her grandson both clad in waders. She asked if I was a guide. I said “yes maam”. Then she asked if I was working. I replied “no maam”. Then she asked if I wanted to guide her grandson. 

I explained that I was there watching my wife guide and that she was doing a half day and would be finished in an hour and a half. I went on to explain that I needed to follow her home because of her possible leaking tire. She agreed to have me guide her grandson for an hour and a half. I walked over to my Suburban and pulled out my waders (I always carry all of my gear in the back of my car). I quickly donned my waders and rigged his fly rod. We were on the creek in five minutes. 

It was his first time fishing but he warmed up to it quickly. We started off by teaching him to cast. Then we concentrated, on setting the hook. Once we hooked a fish it was all about how to fight and land the trout. He landed a couple of nice trout before it was time to go. Grandmother was pleased because she had learned how to rig the rod and where to fish. Her grandson had landed two trout (one was a twenty inch rainbow) and she was able to take some great photos. I had an unexpected infusion of cash while waiting on Lori. 

Lori and I finished about the same time. We had both done well. We decided to go to Whispering Woods and finished the day with a great lunch while looking out on a spectacular view of the lake. Life is good!

Wonderful day on Dry Run Creek with Scott, Falon and their father, Scott.  Many fish were caught and many memories were made to last a lifetime.




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